A complete waxing concept and truly an innovative brand. Epil-Lyss wax is a pure botanical line, made from the purest basic ingredients. Aromatherapy hair removal system that specifically targets each skin and hair type - yielding a quick, painless waxing experience!


EpilFree is the new generation of permanent hair reduction that combines simplicity of use with extraordinary results. It is a natural solution for unwanted hair that is effective for anyone, any hair colour or skin type, anywhere on the body. It is as easy as 1-2-3 for a quick, painless treatment with no side effects. Designed only for professionals in a spa or clinic.


Larene Plus lukewarm wax is our own private label wax. This new and improved formula now in a 560 ml size, contains less oil and requires a slightly higher heating temperature. Due to the new technology, the wax needs to be applied very thinly to the skin to maximize the efficiency of the product. The wax is more fluid and, applied in a very fine layer, will save you time and give you more treatments from the same container. "Larene Plus": new formula, new format will increase the profitability of your service.

Available in Azulene, Tea Tree, Honey, Lavender, Lemongrass, Chocolate and Creamy


The Beauty Image brand is present in the professional market and includes a complete product range for depilation and paraffin treatments.