Pedicure file with sterile, single packed abrasives for professional use! The handle is made of stainless steel and can be sterilized easily in any sterilizer. The abrasives are sterile, single packed and for single use only. The bag is opened in the presence of the client and the abrasive is stuck on the handle within seconds. Remove and dispose abrasive after use. 80 abrasives are packed in a practical carton dispenser.


The word "Diamond" evokes images of beauty, elegance and romance, yet the diamond is also the hardest, most abrasive stone known to man.

Diamancel has captured each of these qualities, creating a unique line of genuine diamond files. Each Flexible Diamond Nail File in the Diamancel family has been designed for specific nail types to beautifully shape and enhance both natural and sculptured nails. The Diamancel Diamond Hand and Foot Callus Files are ideal for removing and softening rough, dry skin. Discover... The Diamond's Long-Lasting Superior Abrasive Qualities with Diamancel. This amazing innovation offers many benefits to the beauty care professionals and their customers.


Three things are especially important in daily work in foot care: Precision, reliability and practical handling. GERLACH TECHNIK equips foot care providers around the world with technically perfect instruments which fundamentally correspond to the state of the art - or define it.

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The state of the art Pedie machine allows you to do pedicures in a professional and efficient manner. With the 500 W super – strong suction ensures a hygienic service and protects your health. The modular aluminum stylish hand piece allows for perfect cleaning and has a micro switch which enables you to turn it on or off without having to move away. By using the Cosmoderm Pedie machine your work is immensely relieved ensuring a more efficient and clean pedicure!!!


The “Original” Swiss made amazing double-sided pedicure file uses two durable grits to smooth away the calluses - thick or thin! Lasts a long time and is washable too!