Lukewarm Wax

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EpillyssLukewarm Wax
Advanced Depilatory Solution

A great leader since 1985, the creation of the épillyss wax, which became the first one to hold the following characteristics:
1. a creamy texture
2. essential oils
3. can be used at extra low temperature
4. distributed in a non‐metallic container
5. contains marine collagen
6. contains lanolin
7. can be heated in microwave ovens
8. contains Bio resin C3.
The components of the depilatory wax are pine resin (natural or synthetic), beeswax and oil. At Épillyss’ we merely use natural products (excluding synthetic resin), of the highest quality, which makes it one of the most performing and sought‐after products.

The products contained within this Range are available from their respective Brand website.

  • Azulen Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s & Sensitive)

  • Chocolate Depilatory Gel (All skin’s & Highly Sensitive Hypoallergic, face & sensitive areas) *DON’T USE IN MICROWAVE*

  • Cocooning Lukewarm Wax for Sensitive Skin

  • Freelyss Depilatory Cream Wax

  • Freelyss hard wax muffin

  • Honey Natural Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s)

  • Millenia Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s & Sensitive, underarms & Bikini)

  • Novatherm Depilatory Gel (All Skin’s & face, bikini) *DON’T USE IN MICROWAVE*

  • Sensor Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s

  • White Queen Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s & Sensitive)