Azulen Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s & Sensitive)

Azulen is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent drawn from the flowery German camomile, also called ‘Matricaire’. Its dark blue colour and stronger scent are a complement to its healing and antiphlogistic properties. Numerous experiments clearly proved its undeniable efficiency for various skin inflammations such as eczema and urticaria in particular. The lukewarm Azulen wax is of a greenish apple colour, its consistency is liquid and its application is light. We recommend it for all types of skin and hairs. It can be heated in the microwave oven.

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Ingredients Plant resin, Natural essential oils
How To Use Put wax container in to wax heater, melt wax to desired temperature and consistency. Apply with spatula and remove with a wax strip
Who Can Use For all skin types
What's It For Wax hair remover