Cirépil Pre & Post Purifying Blue Lotion Cleanser Spray

Organic blueberry floral water based: astringent, sanitizing and decongestant • Enriched with «dragon’s blood» known for its restorative powers • Refreshing due to menthol properties • Use before and after hair removal • Ideal on all areas, all skin types including delicate

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Ingredients Centaurea Cyranus Flower Water, Aqua (water), Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate
How To Use Spray a small amount on your clients and or your hands to disinfect pre wax. Spray a small amount on area to be waxed pre wax to disinfect. apply a small amount to area that was just waxed post wax.
Who Can Use All skin types including sensitive areas.
What's It For Cleansing before and after wax oil