Corrective Lip contour wrinkle filler

Discover the NEW lip contour and wrinkle filler, Expression Lines Lip Filler Contour. A corrective cream for expression lines and deep wrinkles for the lips and lip contour that brings together three mechanisms of action (peeling, filling and decontracting), reduces blemishes and adds extra volume to the lips. Get over 25% more volume in your lips!

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Triple anti-wrinkle action:

fill + relax + peel.

Volume effect: more voluminous and sensual lips.

Reduces dark spots. Reduces “barcode” wrinkles on the upper lip and lateral wrinkles. Lifting effect.

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Ingredients Internal tissue redensifiers, skin replenishing substances, neuro-inhibitor agents, skin lifting peptides.
How To Use After the usual cleansing, apply a thin layer of the product on the lip area and massage it into the skin.
Who Can Use All Skin types
What's It For Anti-wrinkle treatment for wrinkled, flaccid and aged skins.