Millenia Lukewarm Wax (All Skin’s & Sensitive, underarms & Bikini)

Thanks to Biorésine C3, Millénia enjoys vasodilatator properties which reduce the feeling of pain, redness and soreness. The rich purple colour is a reminder of the lavender essential oil inserted in the making-up of this creamy and exceptional textured wax. Its application is very simple, cooling, and very prompt. It is highly adequate for strong hairs and sensitive zones such as the bikini area and the underarms. It can be heated in the microwave oven.

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Ingredients Natural Beeswax, Pine Resin, Shea Oil
How To Use Put wax container in to wax heater, melt wax to desired temperature and consistency. Apply with spatula and remove with a wax strip
Who Can Use For those with thick, strong hair.
What's It For Wax hair remover