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The most important thing for a highly effective result is to find the treatment that your skin’s customer really needs. That is the best way to unleash all the potential of Skeyndor's products. Do you want to make sure your customers leave your spa happy and come back for another appointment? See how our SKIN SMART DIAGNOSIS works.

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When a new customer discovers your salon, they are going to look at what differentiate you from others. What else can you offer ? An on-going trend are techniques like current activation, hydro-electrophoresis, electroporation, cryotherapy.

When someone is looking for such unique treatments in your area, if you are one of the few, or even the only one, who offers it, they will certainly book an appointement with you. Skeyndor has specific equipment to perform those techniques.

The handling is very easy and the equipment is not bulky. This is a simple way for you to attract more customers while keeping all the treatments you know well and already offer.

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Passion for science and innovation has been in skeyndors DNA since the origins. Achieving scientifically endorsed results in your skin is their raison d’être.They are committed to the Aesthetician, and together they take on the most demanding of challenges to achieve the transformation of science into visible beauty in your skin.Skeyndor’s brand values come with substance, with more than 50 years’ experience in cosmetics, and a broad capacity to constantly adapt to the changing needs of our sector, of the professionals and of the customers. There is a range of Skeyndor products for everyone.

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