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A visionary pharmacist, André Bouclet was always passionate about the regenerating power of the sea. In 1964, he created Thalgo (a combination of “Thalassotherapy” and “Algae”), the first laboratory specialising in skincare products based on algae and marine extracts. A reknowned brand around the world, your customers are sure to recognise Thalgo and appreciate its refreshing, luxurious and hydrating products.

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When you partner with us, we will train you to offer the best possible experience to your clients, with a luxury and natural feel.

The Thalgo ritual stimulates the five senses:

- Touch through techniques inspired by the movements of the sea
- Sight via a soothing marine colour palette
- Taste through infusions and nutritional supplements rich in marine active ingredients
- Smell through the diffusion of fresh, refined fragrances that offer an invitation to travel
- Hearing thanks to a soundscape transporting you to the seaside

Imagine the wonderful treatments you will be able to craft and present your customers. This can truly differentiate you from other less prestigious and unique experiences.
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French and world leader in professional marine cosmetics since 1964. Marine intelligence, professional excellence, commitment to nature. The infinite power of marine intelligence.
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