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Training Opportunities

At Blomdahl, we are dedicated to accommodating your training needs. We offer two physical training facilities (Montreal/Toronto) and virtual training options. Training are available in English or French.




What you will learn

About Blomdahl Jewelry

Discover the philosophy and values that drive Blomdahl's commitment to creating jewelry that promotes well-being.

Simultaneous Ear Piercing

Master the innovative technique of simultaneous ear piercing, setting you apart in the industry.

Skin Friendly Jewelry

Gain insights into the importance of offering safe and comfortable jewelry options to your clients.

Jewelry Allergies and Reactions

Identify common allergies and reactions associated with jewelry to provide informed guidance to your clients.

Sales Techniques

Explore strategies to boost your business and increase revenue with Blomdahl jewelry.

Client Aftercare

Learn best practices for client aftercare to ensure their satisfaction and well-being after the piercing procedure.

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Blomdahl System

Learn about Piercing with Blomdahl

Explore the advantages of Blomdahl's piercing system, its innovative materials, and how it can elevate your piercing journey. For detailed information, click the button below.
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Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Made in Sweden
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Safe for sensitive skin
Blomdahl Green Pack
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