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The Blomdahl system is developed entirely upon what is known as “modern aseptic technique” within the health care industry. This means that all our products and methods are safely designed to avoid the spreading of infection and exposure to nickel allergy during the piercing process. The sterile method guarantees that the piercing is hygienic and safe.

Blomdahl System

Medical-Grade Titanium

Titanium is one of the safest metals to use for jewelry. It’s bacteria-resistant, won’t cause allergies and is compatible with human skin. In other words, Medical-grade titanium makes some of the most comfortable skin-friendly earrings you can wear, even if you have sensitive ears. Blomdahl uses only pure medical-grade titanium.
Blomdahl System

Medical-Grade Plastic

Blomdahl Medical Plastic earrings contain 0% nickel, making them naturally hypoallergenic. This means that those prone to allergies or skin sensitivities can confidently wear these earrings. Beyond being gentle on the skin, medical-grade plastic earrings embody resilience, a lightweight feel, and a comfortable wear
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Optimal Healing

Blomdahl puts optimal healing at the forefront of every ear-piercing journey. To ensure safety and comfort, Blomdahl’s earrings are just the right length for earlobes. Crafted from skin-friendly materials like Medical Plastic and Medical Grade Titanium, they not only promote faster healing, but also reduce the risk of allergic reactions. With Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing, your patients can be certain to have the safest ear-piercing journey.
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Single Use, Disposable Ear Piercing System

To mitigate this risk of transmittable infections effectively, you can rely on a single-use, disposable piercing system. Blomdahl’s dedication to providing a safe and infection-free ear-piercing experience is reflected in the sterile packaging and aseptic techniques applied to our piercing earrings.
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At Blomdahl, we believe in empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional services. Explore our comprehensive training programs tailored for professionals like you. From mastering our innovative piercing method to understanding the unique features of our jewelry materials, our trainings ensure you deliver the best for your clients.
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Training and Support: Access comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you're fully equipped to offer this safe and hygienic ear-piercing option.


Enhance Your Services: Diversify your services and provide your clients with a safe and comfortable ear piercing experience, backed by the trust and reliability of Blomdahl.

Blomdahl System

Blomdahl for Spa and Salon Owners

Are you a salon or spa owner looking to offer fashionable and skin-friendly jewelry to your clients? Blomdahl provides a large collection of stylish and hypoallergenic jewelry suitable for adults and children. The extensive selection allows you to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring your clients have a wide range of options to choose from. Elevate your salon's offerings with Blomdahl and redefine elegance without compromising on quality.

Blomdahl for Spa and Salon Owners

Fashionable and Timeless

Blomdahl jewelry is a perfect blend of contemporary elegance and trend-setting designs.

Hypoallergenic and Safe

Explore a diverse collections of timeless pieces that cater to various styles and preferences.

Large Selection

Explore a diverse array of designs, providing your clients with an extensive range to choose from, catering to various tastes and preference

Blomdahl System

Blomdahl for Medical Professionals

Are you a medical professional seeking to enhance your services with a safe and hygienic ear-piercing solution? Blomdahl's Medical Ear Piercing System is designed for professionals like you. Ensure the well-being of your clients with our sterile, disposable products that eliminate the risk of infections. Join the ranks of healthcare providers worldwide who trust.

Medical-Grade Mastery

Sterile and Disposable

Blomdahl Piercing System is completely sterile and disposable to avoid the spreading of infection.

Medical-Grade Materials

Medical-grade titanium and medical-grade plastic ensure a hypoallergenic experience that help steer clear of nickel allergies.

Comprehensive Trainings

Access our specialized training events to master the Blomdahl piercing method and deliver top-tier services.

Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Made in Sweden
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Safe for sensitive skin
Blomdahl Green Pack
Fairly produced

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Contact Us: Reach out to us to learn more about integrating Blomdahl's jewelry into your business.

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