Medical Ear Piercing with Blomdahl

Why Blomdahl?

Nickel allergies are a known concern, affecting around 2% of the population. Shockingly, this risk skyrockets to 25%when pierced with earrings containing nickel. As vigilant healthcare professionals, you understand the importance of safety, and that's why at Blomdahl, is on a mission to safeguard your patients' ear-piercing experiences using skin-friendly materials.

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Optimal Healing

Blomdahl puts optimal healing at theforefront of every ear-piercing journey. Toensure safety and comfort, Blomdahl’searrings are just the right length forearlobes. Crafted from skin-friendlymaterials like Medical Plastic and MedicalGrade Titanium, they not only promotefaster healing, but also reduce the risk ofallergic reactions. With Blomdahl MedicalEar Piercing, your patients can be certainto have the safest ear-piercing journey.
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Single Use, Disposable Ear Piercing System

To mitigate this risk of transmittable infections effectively, you can rely on a single-use,disposable piercing system. Blomdahl’s dedication to providing a safe and infection-freeear-piercing experience is reflected in the sterile packaging and aseptic techniquesapplied to our piercing earrings.

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Training and Support: Access comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you're fully equipped to offer this safe and hygienic ear-piercing option.


Enhance Your Services: Diversify your services and provide your clients with a safe and comfortable ear piercing experience, backed by the trust and reliability of Blomdahl.

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Made in Sweden
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
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