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Crafting an exceptional client experience lies at the heart of your spa business. It'sabout going above and beyond. This is where Blomdahl’s finely crafted jewelry comesinto play—it's that extra touch your clients deserve.

Why Blomdahl?

Blomdahl hypoallergenic jewelry serves as the perfect complementary purchase, allowing your clients to feel even better after their treatment and leaving them with a tangible reminder of their exceptional salon experience.
For Blomdahl safety is not an option - it isit's a non-negotiable necessity. Thematerials used for Blomdahl’s jewelryprioritize more than just aesthetics—they're meticulously chosen to be gentleand considerate for the most sensitiveskin.c
Blomdahl Continental Cosmetics

Medical-Grade Titanium

Blomdahl, utilizes only pure medicalgradetitanium, allowing to craft some ofthe most comfortable and skin-friendlyearrings. Titanium is exceptionally gentleon the skin, making it the perfect choicefor those with sensitive ears. It boastsexcellent resistance against bacteria,ensuring a hygienic and safe wearingexperience.
Blomdahl Continental Cosmetics

Medical-Grade Plastic

Blomdahl Medical Plastic Earringscontain 0% nickel, rendering themnaturally hypoallergenic andantimicrobial. This implies that thoseprone to allergies or skin sensitivities canconfidently wear these earrings. Beyondbeing gentle on the skin, medical-gradeplastic earrings embody resilience, alightweight feel, and an enjoyable wear.

Safe Jewelry For Everyone

As a spa or salon owner, you now have the opportunity to present a versatile collectionthat caters to everyone who walks through your doors. Blomdahl offers a wide rage ofjewelry that is free from harmful materials.

Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Made in Sweden
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Blomdahl Clean Ocean
Safe for sensitive skin
Blomdahl Green Pack
Fairly produced

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