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150 years of experience, with a modern twist

Gehwol was established in Germany more than a hundred years ago, and they remain close to the needs of their customers to this day. That is why you will find vegan products, probiotics products, products for diabetics, and a wide selection of products that can help all foot-related conditions, for everyone.

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Gehwol can offer you special training for pedicure so you can make the best use of their products. They offer a variety of education opportunities for Nail Professionals through each step of their career path.

They are convinced that expert advisers and therapists have the knowledge and empathy to bring people closer to the joy of beautiful, well groomed and healthy feet. That is why they will invest a lot in your own well-being, to make sure you are happy with your practice.

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Gehwol's Commitments

Gehwol Commitments
Committed to sustainable green policies, standards, and practices
Gehwol Commitments
No animal testing
Gehwol Foot Care

About Gehwol

The Gehwol name has always stood for expertise and reliability in foot care. A trusted brand for over 150 years. The Gehwol range is exactly matched to the different needs of feet craving attention , and the majority of ingredients in Gehwol products are of natural origin. Therefore, you can find the right product for every problem, achieving excellent results through carefully targeted, regular foot-care.

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